Our Misted Window Repair in Rochester

Improve the value of your home by investing in uPVC windows that remain in top condition with our misted window repair. At Paul Hughes Double Glazing Repairs in Rochester, Kent, we skilfully maintain your windows by offering a misted unit replacement. In addition, we ensure your sliding windows always operate smoothly!

Clear Up Misting

Unsightly cracks, breaks, and misting not only deplete the appearance of your windows but also threaten the security of your home. When your double-glazed windows become misted, it means calcium deposits have stained the glass. Your degraded unit now contains water within.

Shiny, Clear Glass

The industry term 'broken down' refers to a double-glazed unit's perimeter edge seal that has lost integrity. This means moisture is getting in, which degrades the appearance of the glass. Although it may be difficult to detect initially, misting becomes noticeable when sunlight or heat sources draw up the moisture. Dividing the glass should not be attempted as the sealed unit is factory-manufactured, meaning the glass is bonded.

Top-Quality Replacements

Moisture within your sealed unit is caused by atmospheric pressure shifts and continues until the water condenses inside the sealed unit. As the only solution, replacement units ensure your windows are shiny and clear. Typically, replacing a unit means limited or no alterations or disturbance to its framework. This is because double-glazed units are designed to be detachable and replaceable.

Sliding Window Repairs

As well as units, we repair and sustain wooden or metal-framed windows, whether vertical or horizontal sliding. Backed by extensive experience, we specialise in uPVC window repairs. Owing to our fantastic reputation, housing associations and building contractors frequently employ our services.

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We can offer misted window repair and misted unit replacement to solve your double-glazed issues!

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